National Certification – 2022


Become CASEPS Certified Instructor.


Courtney Plotts, Ph.D.
National Chair
Co-Presenters TBA

Training dates:

2 (two) 3.5 hour sessions on Wednesdays
January 28th, 2022 and February 4th, 2022
11am- 2:30pm EST

Group Pricing:

For large groups (20+ enrollment) please contact Jean Naylor for a group rate of $195 per person.



CASEPS Nationally Certified

A CASEPS nationally certified instructor or instructional designer is an education professional who has a strong foundational knowledge of how to effectively educate under-represented, marginalized, racialized, and nontraditional student populations within educational systems. When individuals receive official certification via their certification CASEPS learning portal, they are considered a nationally certified instructor , instructional designer, department, course or institution. Any individual who uses this to misrepresent the aforementioned classifications as a nationally certified educator or service provider without having obtained proper training is deemed to be in violation of the CASEPS Code of Ethics and will be denied the right to future certification and potential legal action.

Download the full National Certification Guide 2021-2022


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